Q. What is a hosted-web-based digital system?

A. A hosted system means that you need not install any application on your computer. The entire digital signage application is hosted directly on our servers.

Q. How many screens can a single playlist be pushed to?

A. As many as you like. Once your presentation has been created, you will receive a URL. Simply use that URL to play your presentation on as many screens as you like.

Q. Once the presentation is made, how can you play it?

A. Once your presentation is ready, click on the “View URL” button, select the URL and paste it into the browser you want to play it on.

Q. How many presentations can I have on one account?

A. As of now, the number of presentations you can have is unlimited.

Q. How many slides can I have in one presentation?

A. You can have as many slides as you need in a single presentation.

Q. Do I need an active internet connection to run this software?

A. Yes, you do. That is how it is real time, right?

Q. Can I play my presentation if I don’t have a smart TV, only a monitor?

A. Whether you are using a smart TV or a monitor, what you require is a browser. If your monitor does not have a browser, you can attach an Android stick via USB port, and problem solved!

Q. What kind of tablets/smartphones can I run this application on?

A. You can use this on any smartphone or tablet which has a browser and an internet connection.

Q. Is there an application or software to be installed?

A. No, it is a web based solution, so you only need to create an account and you can access it from the this website, no matter where you are.

Q. Can I get a customized version of this product to suit my business needs?

A. Yes, you can contact us on sales@digiplay.in or via our contact us page.

Q. Can I get a touch screen based interactive digital signage?

A. Yes, we can build a customized solution for you. This feature is not part of DigiPlay as of now, as touch based digital signage requirements differ from business to business. To get a quote for customized solution for your business, please contact us.

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