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A hosted-web-based digital signage software which lets you create your own personalized presentation in a few simple steps.


" No software installation required, only a browser or Smart TV! "

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Shifting from Traditional to Digital Advertising

Rising cost of printing?

It can be a tough balance between keeping up with the audience and reducing printing cost.

Need to stand out?

We know how cut-throat the competition can be nowadays, with multiple brands for the similar products.

Too many software hassles

We completely understand the effort it takes to learn and maintain any software after the first installation.


Featuring your offers and ads has never been more appealing!

Effective Digital Marketing

With DigiPlay, brand, promote and advertise your products, services and offers with interesting content including combinations of images, videos, and personalized branding.

Cost Effective Software

Reduce your marketing budget by eliminating your printing cost entirely and benefit from real time updates. DigiPlay lets you update your content as often as you like.

Ease of Use

Extremely simple to use signage system with a user friendly interface, even for those not well versed with technology!

Hassle Free

No requirement of any software installations, the entire DigiPlay application is hosted on our server itself. All you need is a screen and a browser. You can even play it on a Smart TV!

No Upper Limit

Create your presentation once, and push it to endless number of screens with a single dedicated Web URL.

Manage from anywhere

All of the screens can be managed from a single console and effectively updated in real time.

How it Works

Create your presentation in a few simple steps

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1. Sign up for Free

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2. Upload slides/YouTube video

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3. Create Your Presentation

4. Add slide to presentation

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5. Set Slide duration

6. Play it!